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About Kentro Cosmo S.L.

Why Choose Us

We develop answers to your questions with our resourceful team of specialists. We provide an array of services to suit our clients business models. We are here for you!

Values and Business

You can be certain that Kentro is a good fit for your business, with seasoned personnel ready to bring their skills to your project.

Versatile Strategy Planning

Our experience in selling software solutions, development and technical support ensures a fully realised functional methodology.

Integrated Tools

We offer reporting device integration with other software to minimise data complication and undisclosed duplication.

Function & Flexibility

As both experienced developers and marketing, we can offer you an adaptable model that appeals directly to your business venture type.

Tailored Craft & Skill

If you have a project in mind with unique specifications, please contact us, we may already have a solution implemented for your use.

What We Offer

Building Your Brand for a Better Future

Services and Engineering Combined

We work to help your project grow into what you want it to be. We offer SEO and Page Rank (off and on) capabilities to help you achieve. Talk to our team about starting a Marketing Project with us today!

Set up and Management

Helping our clients through the online process to understand their business, we offer services to help you manage e-commerce providers for a successful experience.

Testing and Compliance

Completing software and web performance tests, we manage coding to conformity in minimal risk environments to ensure accuracy in deployment and stability.

Maintenance Resolutions

Infrastructure guidance and support with bi annual audits accessible via long term commitment options. Point of contact help and incident support resolution is also available.

Service Recommendations

What Our Clients Say

4 out of 5 clients said in a post project delivery survey that they would use our services again or recommend us to a friend or colleague. 

We excel at saving companies time and money by building purpose-driven solutions using the latest in technological interpretations.

Let us help you!